The girl with The Reallyz Tattoo

The girl with the Reallyz tattoo.

It was the weirdest thing I had ever witnessed, I was out chillin doing my normal.  It was dusk on a Thursday, I had already went home after work, showered, and went to the grocery store.  In a flash of an old Kodak moment, she appeared to me as I were in deed Deep in a dream.  She said “have you seen my tattoo?”

I jumped, startled because this beauty was talking to me.  I said, “No I haven’t,” as I stuttered through those three words.  

“It’s really easy to see, it stretches all the way down my side.”

“Really?” I exclaimed.

“NO!, it says The Reallyz…don’t tell me you don’t what that means.”  She continued. “I have met a bunch of guys in my life, and this time I finally meet one that I try to impress, and he has no clue what or who I’m talking about!  I’m confused, and further more he can’t even talk me without stuttering.   

“Uhu u u uh,”….

“Do you know where the nearest tattoo removal place is, and can I have some money?”

….speechless, quiet, minutes go by, moments, still nothing….

Finally, I said as smooth as I could, “Don’t change a thing little miss gorgeous, your so stunning I can’t speak, but I’ll try the world for you, I’ll do the tattoo removal for free.  12 sessions, twice a week for sex weeks.  Can I get your name?”

“Names Melody.”

Now it makes sense, Melody and a Reallyz tattoo.  What could possibly be next?

-the Reallyz Associated Press

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I started this a while back  actually December 27th, and finally (jeez) finished it.  This is called True Vibes 

– Dusty 


So I pressed record…

and all those memories I stored

You looked amazing the first time I saw you,

the way you moved, spoke, the way your hair flowed too, butt

i couldn’t find a better way to sing your…TRUE

true vibes, 

your style, 

so wild, 

and i seek

those vibes, 

your style, 

cant tame it, 

i’m too weak

… so i cant bend time,

everyone knows

its like committing a crime

but dont mind me

its just a quantum leap

to run up in someones life

portraying the creep,

with the bad one=liners,

cant be fakin no game,

 aint no victim,

this world isnt to blame, oh

i just cant have you,

the time isnt right…

your way to high

But your flyin just right

To confused, I

Don’t know what to do

I want to be smooth,

But I’m wrecking that too


                       true vibes, 

                      your style,      

                        so wild, 

                      and i seek

                     those vibes, 

                       your style, 

                    cant tame it, 

                    i’m too weak

So weak in my knees

Think my legs are gonna buckle

heart starts to tremble

My palms begin to sweat

I owe you the time cuz

Love is like a debt

I’m Given freely like a

Gift from above ……oh

Pinch me I’m dreaming

O heck give me a shove

Off this thousand foot cliff

I call -lovin like pain

Gotsta Roll me a spliff,

Everyday every moment 

I’m looking through the haze 

just get me outta this

Feel like I’m trapped in a cage


true vibes, your style, so wild, and i seek

those vibes, your style, cant tame it, i’m too weak

Just gimme those TRUE…

Shut up and Listen…Really?

    I mean for real cuz, it’s really the only way to hear the important messages from your sub conscience, your spirit self, or whatever you might call it…Inner voice, gut feeling, intuition, Holy Spirit, my friend Pablo, Suzy, to name just a few.   Not lightly should this voice be listened to because it always has an important message.

    When you listen to music say on the radio, do you listen at all for what the lyrics say or what they are about?  Do you or are you able to focus only the bass line for example?  Do here the whole mix, can you visualize the faders on the mixing console?  Can you listen or are you too loud all together.  Are you too busy to listen?  

     Music and the message can do incredible things to a living organism, “incredible things…”  Do you know what it’s like to SHUT UP AND LISTEN?

Listen to your heart, listen to the universe, to our communities, to the needy, to the lonely, to yourself.

Listen to the Reallyz!  Spread the word baby…-Assiciated Press

This women in NY is #helpingmeetneeds


So, yesterday I think it was this girl from NY reached out and followed us (the Reallyz) on Twitter.  She does a lot of services for people including #SEO, #marketing, as well as #crowdfunding.  When I hear the term #crowdfunding, I think of an extremely difficult way to raise money, because it does require begging for money.  On another note, it’s a very effective way to raise money if you have a certain charisma and or pull in your community.  

Anyways I’ve been watching her posts and to my amazement, she is posting some incredible fund raising initiatives. i.e.  

#Help this #man acquire enough #funds in order to #repair his #intestines due to #huge #hernia and save his #life:

#Help this #girl acquire enough #funds to get to #TheSummitCompetition in #WaltDisney #World. #Donate:

I don’t know anything about this chick, but I REALLY think it’s #AWESOME.

You can find her at @boost_ascension on Twitter

#support #helpingmeetneeds

Keep up the goodness, you go girl!

-The Reallyz Associated Press