So…sometimes when things in life are going well, we as people aren’t very happy.  I sense that is a general consensus as “the pursuit of happiness” SO REAL for so many people.  Is it safe to say that we as humans have a hole somewhere in our heart that we are constantly trying to fill? Whether it’s a relationship, money, alcohol, drugs, work, sex, home ownership, kids, college, continuing education, social status, nice car, reputation, you name it and it’s probably part of the list.  Why?  Why can’t we just be content with what we have.  Then at some point we forget what we already have because we are wanting other things so badly that we lose sight of both. We become greedy, ungrateful, self centered, and full of pride.   Why?  Why the hell is this bothering me, shouldn’t I just care about my issues?   I think not…IF WE AS HUMANITY ARE EVER GOING TO UNITE, WE NEED COME OUT OF OUR SHELLS AND THINK ABOUT THE BIG PICTURE ONCE A WHILE, BRING OUR HEADS OF THE TREES,  PUT DOWN OUR TABLETS AND PHONES AND RE-LEARN HOW TO TRULY CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER.  PUT ASIDE OUR DIFFERENCES, JUDGEMENTS, COMPETITIONS FOR ALPHA STATUS AND REMEMBER WE ALL PUT PANTS ON THE SAME WAY.  It’s sad….

It’s bad…

With all this division, we’ve all been had!

TOGETHER WE CAN ONLY SURVIVE, WE ARE TRULY AND COMPLETELY DEPENDANT ON EACH OTHER.  He or she next to you has something unique and different that can be brought to the table.  …and then imagine what we would be like if we used these traits together as ONE?  

Just something to think about…

 -The Reallyz associated press.



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