This women in NY is #helpingmeetneeds


So, yesterday I think it was this girl from NY reached out and followed us (the Reallyz) on Twitter.  She does a lot of services for people including #SEO, #marketing, as well as #crowdfunding.  When I hear the term #crowdfunding, I think of an extremely difficult way to raise money, because it does require begging for money.  On another note, it’s a very effective way to raise money if you have a certain charisma and or pull in your community.  

Anyways I’ve been watching her posts and to my amazement, she is posting some incredible fund raising initiatives. i.e.  

#Help this #man acquire enough #funds in order to #repair his #intestines due to #huge #hernia and save his #life:

#Help this #girl acquire enough #funds to get to #TheSummitCompetition in #WaltDisney #World. #Donate:

I don’t know anything about this chick, but I REALLY think it’s #AWESOME.

You can find her at @boost_ascension on Twitter

#support #helpingmeetneeds

Keep up the goodness, you go girl!

-The Reallyz Associated Press


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