Believe, HOPE

“I want to believe,” is what is portrayed in this poster which hung on Agent Mulders wall in the X-Files.  With a new series starting next month, a great sense of HOPE arises that maybe there is more out there than what we can see.  Have you ever had a feeling inside you that you can’t explain?  A certain knowledge of (gut feeling), that was bigger than you, and if you told someone they might think your crazy?   #believe, #hope

There certainly is some unexplainable happenings going on everyday everywhere, and “Not just limited to UFOs”.  Did you know that Tesla studied this very phenomenon.  We only see 1/10 billionth of the information that’s out there all around us.  That equals many, many possibilities

 To believe is to trust what isn’t seen…aka faith.

I believe in many things, and in this particular case I believe in music that through its songwriting and composition, and teamwork (between the band itself and the people around them).  There is something about the invisible energy that surrounds these guys in the Reallyz.   The Reallyz could possibly bring the two worlds together, but first they must battle space and time.  HOPE is a song where the lyrics describe an opportunity to break free and out from our existing space and time continuum.  We believe, we receive HOPE.

Ridiculous Havoc


We have recently dialed in our sound and our micro niche, and we can’t wait to get you inside the action.  The songwriting is exploding in unexplained ways, doors are opening, and you’ll feel a tap on your shoulder hopefully sooner than later.

Be on the lookout for NEW active involvement opportunity’s for you, as music is only a platform for so many other call to actions.  Lets continue to revolutionize the era together hand in hand.

This will be some RIDICULOUS HAVOC!  Just stay tuned…

On the Verge of “The Molly Ringwald”

You may have asked this question.  What do the Reallyz have to do with “the Breakfast Club,” “Sixteen Candles” or ” Molly Ringwald?”  In Sixteen Candles, Molly Ringwalds character Samantha spends the entire movie longing for a relationship, love, happiness, and to be “visible” to any guy and espescially Jake Ryan.  Finally after her sisters crazy wedding the man of her dreams is waiting for her, and asks her to make a wish.  “My wish has already came true.” She says.  Two years later in 1985 “The Breakfast Club” is released and portrays a story of teens in detention at school on a Saturday.  There are some unbelievably great scenes in this movie, if you remember the marijuana scene when Emilio Estevez pumps iron after just one hit.  Allisons make over by Claire (Molly Ringwald), and of coarse the famous “Molly Ringwald Dance.

Now….are the Reallyz on the verge of “The Molly Ringwald?”  Some theorists say the Reallyz do have an 80’s essance, a certain flavor or move, almost unexplainable feeling that brings emotion.  Its true that some of the Reallyz lyrics identify with the longing or visibility aspects that “Molly Ringwalds” character portrays in “Sixteen Candles.”  Its also true that the Reallyz vibe in the rock funk song “Shes On Fire,” teeters on the brink and plays on the verge of such a paradigm.  “Shes On Fire” starts with a guitar riff and then piles it on when the bass and drums converge with the riff.  The lyrics portray the love of a girl when she is seen, heard, felt, and longed for.  Her fire make his temperature rise for the things he cant have.  He’s burning up and longing like “Molly Ringwalds” character in “Sixteen Candles,” and feeling like dancing when locked up in detention on a Saturday.

Can you do “The Molly Ringwald?”  -the REALLYZ associated press