I started this a while back  actually December 27th, and finally (jeez) finished it.  This is called True Vibes 

– Dusty 


So I pressed record…

and all those memories I stored

You looked amazing the first time I saw you,

the way you moved, spoke, the way your hair flowed too, butt

i couldn’t find a better way to sing your…TRUE

true vibes, 

your style, 

so wild, 

and i seek

those vibes, 

your style, 

cant tame it, 

i’m too weak

… so i cant bend time,

everyone knows

its like committing a crime

but dont mind me

its just a quantum leap

to run up in someones life

portraying the creep,

with the bad one=liners,

cant be fakin no game,

 aint no victim,

this world isnt to blame, oh

i just cant have you,

the time isnt right…

your way to high

But your flyin just right

To confused, I

Don’t know what to do

I want to be smooth,

But I’m wrecking that too


                       true vibes, 

                      your style,      

                        so wild, 

                      and i seek

                     those vibes, 

                       your style, 

                    cant tame it, 

                    i’m too weak

So weak in my knees

Think my legs are gonna buckle

heart starts to tremble

My palms begin to sweat

I owe you the time cuz

Love is like a debt

I’m Given freely like a

Gift from above ……oh

Pinch me I’m dreaming

O heck give me a shove

Off this thousand foot cliff

I call -lovin like pain

Gotsta Roll me a spliff,

Everyday every moment 

I’m looking through the haze 

just get me outta this

Feel like I’m trapped in a cage


true vibes, your style, so wild, and i seek

those vibes, your style, cant tame it, i’m too weak

Just gimme those TRUE…


How to not get caught in Nazi Germany

      This months Issue No. 2 hits the shelves for the first time ever, and this is a jaw dropping episode.  In this episode the trio from Colorado are wondering where the rest of their bodies went, as a situation arose when the giant viking women of the north took their heads and cryo-genically froze them and returned back to the time of the second world war.  In the days that led up to the war the Reallyz stage bot Clamps found himself trapped in an energy net in probably the worst part of Nazi Germany.  Because the Reallyz were on assignment, the caliber of importance to the assignment took a major tailspin.  Olga the jaw-dropping big breasted woman, and unbelievable backside broke down the groups plans took them prisoner, and….

We will talk about they time traveled later, it’s really not that important and besides it’s classified.  But can talk about their new songs that they will be working on starting 2016 (I got to speak in years now because of the traveling.)  THE NEW SONGS FRICKIN RIP THE SHIT.

-the Reallyz Associated Press

issue no2 w names

“I wish the sun, would Wake ME Up”

Since the end of the fall Hiatus, the return of the Reallyz into the rehearsal studio has been, to say the least “remarkable”.  The guys are working better together, than ever before, and I just have to say that some of the new material is Really fu#^in* AWESOME.  They are really turning up dial with their songwriting…p (6) and nice work fellas.  I’m gonna list out some songs in no particular order as to inventory the new music, live songs, archived songs.  So…

#Storm; #Home; #Why Cry; #H.O.P.E; #She’s on Fire; #Grey Skies; #In a Sense

NEW:    #Walk on Bye; #Wanna B Luv; #Illusion (maybe); and of coarse “#Grey Skies.”  “Grey Skies WILL BE PLAYED MARCH 19.Metal on the Move presents /,,/

-the Reallyz Associated Press

The case of the missing notebook – (Mystery)

A couple weeks ago Damien came over to my apartment, and we began to workout a song that we had been working on for over a year.  It’s really my fault for not buckling down on this song, on the other hand some songs are meant to soak and simmer off to the side somewhere then…grow…grow…and then brought back into the fold.

The funny thing that occurred of coarse was,  ol’ Damien wanted to see the notebook that I had been using over the past year.  Well…I LOST IT!  “This was a Reallyz only,” notebook.  and I misplaced it, (and   I never do that,  I’ve kept every notebook for the last twenty some years.  I had lost the notebook which had all our lyrics, notes, email list, and some unimportant things too.

So over that weekend, I spent some time writing NEW LYRICS, for “WALLS” and “SHES ON FIRE.”   The lyrics that I re-wrote for both songs worked out great, yet they are completely different from the originals, (obviously because I couldn’t remember them).

Then, last night I spent a small amount of time cleaning out the tool box in the bed of my truck and guess what,  the damn notebook peaks it’s head out at me, and the feeling of relief was overwhelming.  Come to find out, the original lyrics for both songs were “just OK”, they certainly the old lyrics don’t stand up next to the new lyrics.  It was a great  learning experience to unleash a lyric writing test on ourselves.

It’s TRUE…

Things really do happen for a reason, in ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIVES.

Here is a list of “Reallyz” music that could have been lost for good.  “Grey Skies, Walls, Shes on Fire, Why Cry, Root Down, Shake It,”…..”In a Sense!”

missing notebook

It has been FOUND!





Ridiculous Havoc


We have recently dialed in our sound and our micro niche, and we can’t wait to get you inside the action.  The songwriting is exploding in unexplained ways, doors are opening, and you’ll feel a tap on your shoulder hopefully sooner than later.

Be on the lookout for NEW active involvement opportunity’s for you, as music is only a platform for so many other call to actions.  Lets continue to revolutionize the era together hand in hand.

This will be some RIDICULOUS HAVOC!  Just stay tuned…